Big 🍎 #Not "Travel adds more to your list than it does crossing it off" - My friend's Iceland Driver. Truer words have never been spoken. 

Photo below was taken in Bhaktapur - Nepal. One of my favorite trips. Also this meal was around 1.60$ ☺️. #Montreal celebrating #pridemonth in #LouisVuitton style. Hello Everyone!!

I'm pleased to {finally} announce the launch of Deezert's Website! :D is up and running!

What do you think?? Cake in a mug anyone? Surprisingly good! Red Velvet Cupcakes...fresh out the oven :D Who can say no to pudding??! Another ribbon cake..happy birthday Luna Loutfy!! :D :D Getting ready for valentine's.. Vanilla and chocolate marbled cupcakes!! Aren't they just pretty?! Fresh out of the oven... Vanilla cupcakes.. Whatever your heart (and sweet tooth) desires... Sometimes I like to go back to basics and just have some bananas with nutella and cereal!!! Yum!! {Countdown to Christmas} Check out last year's cupcakes! 
And don't forget to place your christmas orders as soon as possible =) Diet Rules! Very true indeed..

D Happy Holidays Everyone!!

May the coming year bring even sweeter things.. Sneak Peak at what's coming on Valentine's... Summer, Sun and Strawberries

Strawberry Tart

Click here to see the full post and get the pie crust recipe! Deezert is one! My first blogoversary. (I can't believe its already been a year!!)

We celebrated with a delicious lemon cake covered with sweet marshmallow fondant

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Check out the original post: Mini Rose Cupcake, isn't the rose cute? Eid Cookies! Bee Cupcake!!! =D Christmas Cookies Wonderful Sables dusted with powdered sugar sprinkles! Simple and Sweet: Sugar Cookies Halloween Dead Finger Cookies Black and White Cookies = fluffy delicious vanilla cookies! Black and White Cookies Who doesn't love a good old looong cream filled chocolate covered deliciousness?!
Éclairs! One of my favorite french pastries and one that my family (mom!!!!!) keeps asking (nagging) me to make! I made some this afternoon and thought I'd share them with y A million sheets of heaven: Mille Feuilles

To see the blog post: A million sheets of heaven: Mille Feuilles

To see the blog post: A million sheets of heaven: Mille Feuilles

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Oh and Thank you Lana  for the help :D

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Check the blog post here: Kibbe bi Kishik! Recipe soon on the blog :) Shenorhavor nor daree yev sourp dzenount! Order to Empower! 
Homemade cooked meals done by the cooks at Women to Women Success, you can order from Deymeh! Deymeh October Menu! Om nom nom nom! Global #donut day is here with @ddlebanon! Get a free donut when you purchase any dunkin' beverage all day on June 6th! Thank you @ddlebanon @casfeir :) #Lebanon #lebanesefood #igerslebanon #donutday #igerslebanon #delicious #foodporn #ddl ... and one more

#armenian #bulgur #salad #Itch #hot #pepper #tomato #sauce #chili #pomegranate #molasses #delicious #yum Have you ever prepared dessert with Labneh?

Check this recipe out. It looks delicious >> Check this out for a delicious fun lunch >> @Pizza Cups Many asked about the recipe for the Charlotte Cake I've posted on Instagram a couple of months ago, so here you go! 

Just click on the link >>

#lebanon #food #blog #strawberryblu Water drops! Morning #lebanon #myrtille #autumn #season #fruit What do u say about that?? Mini #chocolate #dark Check our new look and let us know what you think! We appreciate all the feedback :))

#lebanon #strawberryblu #food #blog Morning #Lebanon!! Memories ✨ #cloudoflace Shades of cool in K-city #cadillac #cloudoflace Current mood | Bernini's Apollo e Daphne #goodnight #cloudoflace When in doubt, buy flowers. 🌺 #cloudoflace Thursdays🥂✨ #cloudoflace Good morning. #lifelessons #cloudoflace Favorite weather ❤️ #Milan #cloudoflace Buenas mañanas 🌞 #cloudoflace Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. Meetings over breakfasts are our favorite part of the job 🤗 what's yours?👀 Today's #mood ❄️ #cloudoflace Saturdays are for beauty indulgences, and here are some of our weekend beauty essentials 🛁 #cloudoflace Don't know about you, but we are so ready to be back in maxi dresses on island getaways🇪🇸❤ #cloudoflace Paris ❤️ #cloudoflace Saturdays ❤ #cloudoflace Some morning choices of the #cloudoflace man ❤️ Una tarde ✨#cloudoflace ✖️ H ✖️ #cloudoflace For some one who's not a big fan of coffee, I surely take a lot of coffee photos. This one's a cappuccino though 😌 #cloudoflace It is the function of art to renew our perception | The dream by Pablo Picasso in 1932, and Henry Matisse in 1940.

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