Gargash says accusation UAE fighter jet violated Qatar airspace is 'untrue'
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Dr Anwar Gargash says Qatar's claim that an Emirati fighter jet violated its airspace earlier this month is "untrue". Navin Kianey / The National

Dr Anwar Gargash says Qatar's accusation that an Emirati fighter jet violated its airspace is "untrue and confused".

Doha claims the Emirati plane flew over its economic zone at 10.10am on January 3 while flying from the UAE to Bahrain.

"We are working to respond officially to [the complaint] with evidence and proof," the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs tweeted on Friday. "What we see is an escalation and unjustified."

"What has been happening under the table is now taking place in the open," he added.

الشكوى القطرية بشأن إنتهاك الإمارات لمجالها الجوي غير صحيحة ومرتبكة، نعمل على الرد عليها رسميا بالأدلة والقرائن، ما نراه تصعيدي وغير مبرّر، ماكان يحدث تحت الطاولة أصبح مكشوفا فوقها.

— د. أنور قرقاش (@AnwarGargash) January 12, 2018

In a statement released on Friday, the Qatari foreign ministry said it had informed both the secretary general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and the president of the UN security council, Kazakhstan's Kairat Umarov.

The foreign ministry said Doha had also sent two messages to Mr Guterres and Mr Umarov a day before in which it claimed a UAE fighter jet flew over Qatar's economic zone for one minute on December 21 of last year.

The diplomatic spat comes as the UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt, continues to boycott Qatar over its support for extremist groups and its meddling in the affairs of its neighbours.

On Thursday, Dr Gargash said Qatar's inability to provide evidence that it does not support terrorist groups and activities has led to it creating a string of “weak” excuses.


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