Right-wing activist went on a rant over a 'Welcome to Palestine' text
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Laura Loomer, a well-known American right-wing political activist, recently went on a rant after Verizon, an American telecommunications company, sent a "Welcome to Palestine" text message to passengers upon arrival to Occupied Palestine.

The text was shared by a number of Verizon customers to a Facebook group titled "Patriotic Jewish Republicans," which Loomer caught on. 

Many were outraged that the company did not recognize the territory as Israel. Of course, Loomer was too. She even went as far as to say she would switch telecom companies just because Verizon believes, well, in geography.

"Why did Verizon send 'welcome to PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES' text messages to its customers who landed in Israel yesterday? I use #Verizon and now I’m seriously about to switch to a different company," Loomer wrote in a tweet on Wednesday.

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