Video of Saudi man sexually harassing domestic worker sparks outrage
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A video of a Filipino domestic worker being sexually harassed by a man sparked outrage on Saudi Twitter late on Wednesday. 

According to Sabq News site, the victim uploaded the video she secretly filmed to her own Facebook page

The footage was later taken down but went viral after it was uploaded to Twitter by social media users. 

In the video, the abusive man is seen trying to rape the victim, as she tries to push him away. She later threatens him with a knife, forcing him to leave the room. 

After the incident, Lili, the victim, posted two live stream Facebook videos, which are now still on her page. 

In both streams, the woman is seen pleading for help, asking that she be allowed to travel back home to the Philippines as both a man and a woman, who appear to be her employers, are heard talking to her from behind the door. 

While the nationality of the attacker remains unclear with some on social media claiming he's Egyptian, Lili's Facebook page lists her as living in Riyadh.

*The video of the assault is available online but we choose not to share it in line with our ethical standards.

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