The BBC Arts Hour with Nikki Bedi - featuring Danielle De Niese & Nasri Atallah
Nasri Atallah -
Had a brilliant time being back on the BBC Arts Hour with illustrious host Nikki Bedi and my fellow guest Danielle de Niese, who the New York Times called the 'Opera's coolest soprano'. We discussed Glastonbury and Stormzy's immediately iconic headline set, Danny Boyle's honestly pretty underwhelming new film Yesterday, Keanu Reeves playing a role in an upcoming video game and what it means for the other stars getting into the medium. And importantly for me, we also discussed mental health in the context of Homeland's David Harewood and his new documentary on his struggle. It was a great show and I'm very happy to be able to say I'm now a regular guest! You can listen to the full episode at the BBC Sounds link below.

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