Lebanese Druze party suffers casualties in Syria’s Golan
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Former minister Wiam Wahhab’s Arab Tawhid Party issued a statement November 11 that seven members of its Ammar bin Yasser Battalion--named after a companion of the Prophet Mohammad venerated by the Druze--died “confronting armed terrorist groups.” It identified Rami Salem Mustafa, Qassim Fawaz Mustafa, Moeen Kamal Mustafa, Oqab Yahya Albasar, Talih Samih Yaasouf, Ali Ali Yaasouf and Rawad Assad Rakab as all having died “defending our right and land as well as our nation’s pride and dignity.”

Former minister Wiam Wahhab's Arab Tawhid Party says it lost seven members in fighting outside the Quneitra town of Hader.

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