Movie Review: Tomb Raider [2018]
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Unlike past Tomb Raider movies, the new Lara Croft brings out a new kind of sexy to the movie, the focus is no longer on her body or her looks, it’s about her courage, her brilliance in solving mysteries and her compassion, which is a refreshing change. Those who are familiar with the old Tomb Raider movies will definitely enjoy this one! At least I did :) Warner Bros. Pictures Grand Cinemas Lebanon Tomb Raider - 2018

When I first heard about the reboot of Lara Croft, I admit I had some doubts but after watching it last night, I can easily say this movie broke the long dreaded video game film curse and one of the best video-game adaption I've seen. Alicia Vikander is a kick-ass Lara Croft (not as hot as Angelin

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