The New Electoral Law: How Does it Work?
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We have a new electoral law but very few people know how this thing works, and they're definitely not interested in reading a 20+ pages document to understand it. I bumped into Jean Nakhoul (from MTV) on Saturday and unlike most people I know, he's obsessed with elections and the electoral laws, so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind explaining it in a blog post and so he did. Here are few things you need to know before reading the below: – Lebanon is now divided into 15 major electoral districts, made up of 27 sub-districts. – The number of MPs is still 128 and their term is still limited four years. – Expats will NOT get any seats in the upcoming elections. – Elections are likely to take place on May 6 2018, the first elections in eight years. – No women quota was adopted. – The new law will create a proportional representation system for parliament. – Voters will get to select a full list as well as choose one candidate as their preferential vote. There are also two detailed examples from Beirut I & II to show you how winners are chosen and the important of the preferential vote.

after months of ongoing debates and disputes. To be honest, I stopped following up on this matter a month or two ago and I was almost sure they’d adopt the 1960 law but somehow the cabinet has managed to pull out a new law that all parties, well most of them, agreed on.

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