Sulta’s Courts Sentence Joe Maalouf to 1 Year in Jail for Uncovering Corruption with Church Money
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After October 17, 2019, you’d think judges appointed by Aounists or any other sulta party, would ease up on breaking the law for favors to their sheep. Unfortunately, we keep seeing Ghada Aoun’s performance, and then remember that the only way to get this country forward, is to remove any appointee of these sulta parties from positions of power.

Elie Helou is another example of a corrupt judge, that cares more about WhatsApp calls from the politicians, than the actual law he’s supposed to be the guardian of.

The Story of Priest Hanna Khadra: the Loan Shark

In 2016, a man took cheques issued from an Maronite church institution, as a “loan” from the priest Hanna Khadra. Joe Maalouf brought both of them on the show to share each side of the story.

The man ended up not being able to pay back, so Khadra took away his houses who the man had put us as collateral, and the man went to jail. Needless to say, this priest using church money for his own benefit, was removed from his post back then, making it obvious that he was indeed guilty of misusing funds for personal gain.

The Coalition of Sulta’s Corruption Umbrella: LF and FPM Team Up

Following his disastrous appearance on Maalouf’s show on LBC, months later, Melhem Riachi, a Lebanese Forces ex-minister tried to soften things, and insisted that the priest go on the show again and “fix” his image. Thankfully, Maalouf refused and read the priest’s statement on air, as is customary with the “right of reply” to media.

After reading the statement, Maalouf reiterated that this is the priest’s right to reply, but that Maalouf will wait for the religious courts to decide.

The 15-Month Late Lawsuit

In the court that specializes with journalism-related cases, the “Print” court, the statute of limitations is 90 days (3 months). Khadra filed the lawsuit 15 months after the episode aired, meaning that the lawsuit should have never been accepted, but after Riachi’s attempts failed, the Aounist-appointed judge swooped in and handed down this archaic sentence of 10,000,000 LBP and 1 year in jail. For reporting on misuse and corruption of tax-exempt church money. Something the priest was removed from his position for, indicating the severity of his crime and misuse of funds that weren’t meant to be used as a loan shark.

Grow a Backbone Judges

If a political party appointed you, you have the whole country now watching. So, grow a back bone and apply the law, not political favors. It’s a shame that someone can still be sentenced to jail, for uncovering what the government should have, and the perpetrator is free, but the people who outed him are still running free, making money illegally.

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