Mortadella, Aleppo-style
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I wanted to try this recipe for a simple reason: I normally hate mortadella, or at least the cold cut sold in stores and sliced to order. I was curious to see if I’d like it homemade. I picked two recipes and techniques and meshed them then added my little touch, but mostly relied on Chef Marlene Mattar’s instructions and ingredients (although she actually uses a much easier method, merely mixing the entire meat paste into a couple sausages). Its an easy dish to make, but it is way more fun if you can enlist a partner to help out. It’s also versatile and could be stuffed with whole garlic cloves or something besides pistachios. My next try, I will use whole pistachios and perhaps shape it into one large sausage instead of two smaller ones. In any case, I had fun making it with my Syrian friend Hanane who was eager to try it (she comes from the Golan Heights, not Aleppo), especially because her four kids love mortadella. I also had fun eating it, slathering it with French mustard and adding some cornichons. It can be served at room temperature or slightly warmed-up, either on its own with a side (I used dandelions aka hindbeh), sliced thin, or sandwiched in bread with condiments and raw veggies.

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