The Ballroom Blitz Returns October 4!
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In an increasingly crowded nocturnal dance music landscape in Beirut, one club has managed to carve out a spot for itself, without the usual toe-stepping we see among established clubs and promoters. It also managed to stand out by staying true to its musical taste, and an arm’s length from the mainstream hype. This has built Ballroom Blitz a loyal following, a sanctuary for boys and girls that don’t want to see the artists on their soundcloud playlists every week, year after year.

This season, The Ballroom Blitz not only managed to successfully get casual clubbers to understand that Ballroom and Boiler Room are two different things, namely by hosting a Boiler Room series at The Ballroom Blitz. They’ve also embraced their counter-culture ethos and have vowed to cater to those of you who steer clear of the mainstream, and want to listen to something that’s not on Beatport’s top charts.

The lineup is already looking amazing:

Martha Von Straaten, Hello Psychaleppo and Nur Jaber are three of those acts I will make sure not to miss, with local sweethearts like Jad Atoui and Rolbac also on the ticket this season.

The Opening

You can RSVP here, and Laurel Halo and O/Y headlining, with Ronin, Jad Atoui, Ziad Moukarzel, Rami O, Ledwarf, Papa Soul and Whale populating the Ballroom’s three floors, with a brand new sound system.

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