Mashrou’ Leila Release First English Version of their New Masterpiece: Cavalry
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I know I say this every time, but they keep doing it each and every time: The boys have outdone themselves, yet again, a decade into their legendary rise to prominence and relevance for the Arab-speaking world around the globe.

It feels like their music always include what could be an anthem for young Arab men and women’s struggle for freedom and self-determination. Lil Watan was like that, and today, Cavalry is the new yell in the face of every oppressive regime and group robbing Arabs from their freedom, prosperity and happiness.

This is the first time the band does an English version of one of their songs, and I’m personally extremely happy they did. It’ll make the language barriers disappear, and more people can listen to, understand and relate to the topics the band handles with Hamed’s unique voice.

This is the original Arabic version

The video was directed by Jessyn Mousallem, the woman behind their iconic “Roman” music video. This one is even better, and watching makes me both angry, depressed, but also adamant. Seeing Ahed Tamimi-esque resistance to the forces of oppression, reminds us all how we once were: fearless, innocent and righteous. It also shows us how we became demoralized, demotivated and accepted the status quo.

I hope this will be a call to arms (figuratively) and remind us to have the fearlessness of standing up to those who oppress us with guns, terrible laws and inhumane governance.

Hearts and minds are with young Arabs everywhere from Sudan to Syria, Yemen to Egypt, Algeria and Palestine, and everywhere else militaristic, extremist and machismo are robbing them of their true potential to shine, flourish and move away from our troubled past.

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