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Lately I’ve been seeing Facebook, or more accurately the use of Facebook, get some seriously unfair and unnecessary aggression. I didn’t want to be another voice that chimed in but after much logical fallacies… I doth protest!

Oh ‘Insufferable”. You don’t say?

I feel that you accuse it so vehemently and repeatedly because you are so consumed with those ideas of narcissism that you only interpret it that way. Maybe turn that psycho analysis inward and stop following people you don’t give a crap about. 

I feel this could be used and manipulated to defend both sides of this dichotomy.

What is Facebook if not a social tool? You who preach of annoyances are not using this tool properly! You want entertainment tailored to what you might find entertaining?

If they were annoying why wouldn’t seek to remove those triggers out of your life? Facebook gives you the option to unfriend, it is okay…

Dare I say deactivate. You might prefer to set your sights on some customizable threads where every tom, dick and harry are anonymously posting stuff. *cough* Reddit *cough*. Not that there is anything wrong with Reddit. It is one of many fantastic social media tools. You see the reason there are so many of them is because their features allow for different uses and purposes.

Facebook is perfectly capable of filtering and adapting your view to things that do not annoy you. You really do not have to keep exposing yourself to them as a “favor” to those who you claim matter to you (clearly by you having them as a Friend on Facebook- you know, the ones who annoy you).

Leave them to share moments of their lives across continents.

Yes, they communicate and they are seeking attention and they “image craft”.

There are conversations being had instantaneously despite being millions of miles away! Isn’t that nice?

Doesn’t it make having to leave everyone you love behind to make something of yourself a little easier?

Don’t the feedback of the ones you love, their signs of approval and encouragement give you a little virtual pat on the back to keep going?

Do you hate feeling like you can still interact with your friends and family and keep them involved and included in your life?

What about the person that you are growing into and becoming without them? Don’t you want them to know what you like, think and feel?

Don’t you want to know about them?

That’s fine! I won’t judge you.

In the meantime, I will continue to share (with a select group of people I care about – splattered around all over the world).

I will do so unapologetically.

There is enough propaganda and negative energy around without you milking things that were meant to be simple and beautiful. Just… 


and you know what? LEAVE HASHTAGS ALONE AS WELL. When used #ironically, they can be quite #entertaining

Right. BUT how awesome would it be if one day out of curiosity you did click on that hash tag. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was even one other person who used that ‘ironic’ hashtag.


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