Avoid Traffic Nightmares: TMO’s App and Live Cameras
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The last few days were a reminder of how even more hellish Lebanon’s roads can become with a bit of wind and some rain.

The Dbayeh flooding, the Cola Bridge scare and lots of other traffic incidents and misinformation led to historic traffic jams and people needing dinghy-riding paramedics to rescue them from their inundated cars.

Finding reliable information is tricky, given Whatsapp broadcasts are overwhelmingly false or fabricated, Twitter threads are rarely fact-checked before spreading widely and radio stations and live TV broadcasts might not be as readily available when you’re planning your way home from work or school.

Being forced to commute to and from Beirut every day, means there’s a few hidden routes and tricks I’ve learned over the years, but the one which has been most helpful that I don’t feel enough people know about, is the TMO app.

TMO stands for Traffic Management Organization, and it’s a joint initiative that combines Lebanon’s traffic authority, the ISF, the National News Agency and concerned citizens to try and rectify traffic-related issues and raise awareness and provide guidance for motorists and commuters.

The App

Their app is a functional one, with several tabs that can be of service for drivers in Lebanon.

The most valuable function for me is their live traffic map, with camera feeds updated every few minutes on all the major choke-points of traffic in and around Beirut.

Apart from the color-coded maps like Google Maps and Waze, you can click on the cameras on your route to check the current state of traffic on your way, and plan accordingly or take a different road.

Here’s an example when you click on one of the cameras:


Apart from that, the app sends regular push notifications about road closures, snow piling up or accidents.

Mecanique Fees and Live Cameras

One cool use is calculating your mecanique fees in-app, you can also check the lines at the mecanique centers where you need to take your cars to make sure they’re road-worthy before paying your annual fees.

Driver’s Ed

If you’re about to do your driving license, there’s even a quiz tab where you can brush up on your material before your exams, although I highly recommend everyone go through that quiz given how many poor drivers we have on the street.

Report an Issue

Apart from reporting accidents and traffic issues to TMC on Twitter, you can do it form the app as well, by submitting a photo and some details about what happened so the necessary authorities can proceed to fix it.


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