Alfa’s Answer to Lebanon’s Internet Problem: AlfaNet 4G+ Router
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If you’re not lucky enough to live in Beirut’s central district, your broadband connection is probably a disaster. I posted an image and caption that encapsulates this struggle on my Instagram account, embedded below.

IDD (Internet Deficit Disorder) is when you’re too afraid to game or watch Netflix when it rains a couple of drops, cause we all know our DSL is gonna get tanked. Important upload for work? Well, if it can wait a couple of days, sure, but I often open a mobile hotspot and use my phone’s 4G+ connection if I need it quick and reliable. That endless refreshing, and trying to scroll up and down aimlessly, is all something we’ve grown up with sadly and hasn’t changed despite all the promises and money spent on it.

I also switched from Mac and Windows, to Chromebook a year ago, meaning my laptop is basically useless without a reliable Internet connection. That’s why most of my work online relies heavily on my Alfa 4G+ connection.

Today, Alfa announced their solution to IDD, which is one lots of us were wishing for given Fiber is nowhere to be found outside the capital’s privileged districts with 21 hours of electricity and actual broadband that’s beyond the standard ~2mbps in Lebanon.

AlfaNet is subscription-based fast Internet connection that you can use at your home or office, with a discount of up to 45% compared to your smartphone 4G+ bundles. A dedicated data SIM locked to an electricity-powered 4G+ routers than can handle up to 32 different users and devices.

Bundles start at 30$ for 25GB, with the largest bundle at 400GB for 320$.

You can find out more about the different bundles and all the details on Alfa’s website here.

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