A Jam-Packed Weekend in Beirut
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Summer is kicking in, and with the rising temperatures, Beirut’s biggest clubs and parties are ramping up the heat. Here’s my selection of the must-be at gigs this weekend, and where you can dance yourself till the sunrise.

FridayLight FM x Beirut Jam Sessions presents Jalen N’Gonda

I know I’m guilty of being too Techno-biased, but every now and then I’ll see what Beirut’s other scenes are up to and share what’s good. Light FM are teaming up with Beirut Jam Sessions to fly in Jalen N’Gonda for a night of Soul at Garden State. Music like Jalen’s “nu-soul” approach is one of the reasons so many folks tune into Light FM to make the hours of stuck in traffic enjoyable.

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Fnl18: Rolbac [Live] / Sven Weisemann / Eli

It’s our dearest Rolbac’s birthday this Friday, and he’s been cooking up a surreal live set for the occasion. Friday Night Live at Reunion will feature Rolbac’s super special live set, and Sven Weisemann and Eli spinning killer sets.

It’s a list-only event though, so make you sign up here.

Saturdayüberhaus presents Acid Pauli, Satori and Collé at The Gärten

The Garten’s second weekend this season is an absolute massive one, with three insane headliners for a night that will be broadcast LIVE on BE-AT.TV!

I’m personally extremely excited about Acid Pauli’s long-awaited comeback to Beirut. This man’s presence at KaterBlau’s “Kiosk” stage was what made Sunday nights and Monday mornings there so magical. I can’t wait to see him at The Garten.

Satori needs not introduction. He’s arguably one of Beirut’s absolute favorite acts. He’s at The Garten this Saturday, along with Acid Pauli. Collé will also be joining in, making it a powerful three punches for another awesome night at The Garten.

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AEON Showcase:Alex Niggemann & Denis Horvat at The Grand Factory

Alex Niggemann will be coming back to The Grand Factory this Saturday, and this time, Denis Horvat is coming along too. Niggemann needs no introduction to Beirut’s clubbing fanatics, and his set at C U NXT YEAR a couple years ago still is my favorite, and a close second is definitely his showcase at Watergate in Berlin. Who else can’t wait for a Materium nod by Alex? AEON showcase promises to be another epic C U NXT SAT at The Grand Factory.

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CLOSR to: Paula Temple x VOID

I fucking adore Paula Temple. Her Awakenings set last year is one I don’t remove from my SoundCloud likes, so I’ve embedded it below. CLOSR are teaming up with VOID to bring Paula Temple’s uncompromising, hard-hitting beautiful Techno, supported by Hasan Awada, Hage and Renata for a night that makes Techno fiends like me really giddy.

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Chronicles: RendezVous w/ B018

Chronicles is back to B018 this Saturday, with Anthon, Schidz, Ziad Ghosn and Three Machines. Personally, I fucking miss the fuck out of Three Machines, so I’m definitely excited about that, and yet another Chronicles special setup at our beloved B0.

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SundayCLOSR to: Fur Coat (Daytime Party)

If you’re somehow still not partied out on Sunday, then good news: CLOSR are beginning their string of open-air parties for the summer with Fur Coat at Zaarour Club this Sunday starting 11AM and wrapping up at 8PM. Ronin, Rolbac, Claudia Solo and Joe Saikaly will be on the decks too.

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BONUS POINTS FOR BEING WOKEAhadees Beirut أحاديث بيروت

It’s getting really close to the elections, and a hectic party schedule is no excuse not to participate in the politics of our daily lives. People dismiss us as just wasting time and being asleep when it’s time to go vote, and we both know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. So, come to LiBaladi’s weekly “Ahadees Beirut” that I had the pleasure of being part before talking about censorship and free speech in Lebanon.

This Thursday, we’re gonna be talking about The Lebanese Civil War on its anniversary, what we want to remember, what we want to forget, to build as a new generation, to plan for a better future out of the ashes of the memory of the civil war.

RSVP here, hope to see you there!

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