Live Love Recycle: No More Excuses
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This morning, the Live Love Recycle app jumped to #1 in productivity on Google Play in Lebanon.

What is it?

Live Love Recycle is a new initiative by my dear friends at Live Love Beirut to help counter the garbage crisis in Lebanon that our government is unwilling and capable of solving years into the garbage crisis that has drowned our gorgeous seas, mountains and valleys with untreated garbage.

How you can use it

Using the app, you can request a free pickup from your homes a maximum of twice a month, two bags each. The sorted bags will then be taken to Arc en Ciel to be recycled by one of the bikes you see below!

This is an amazing example of going against the powers that be, to prove that problems have solutions, unlike what the government and its institutions, who did not help at all with this program, try to tell us.

Why this matters

The people driving the electrical bikes are all folks who are under the poverty line in Lebanon, and if someone wants to join the team, they still can, just get in touch with the Live Love team! This means that people who need jobs the most are getting them, and the gathering process produces zero emissions, since the bikes use no fossil fuels.

Apart from the bikers, 20 women have also been hired to cook meals for the teams, making this initiative gender-balanced and maximizing the amount of jobs created for the most vulnerable people in Lebanon.

How to expand

At the moment, the capacity of the Live Love Recycle initiative is around 10 tons of recyclable waste a day, which is not nearly enough to cover the thousands of tons of garbage Beirut produces every single day. However, it’s a start, and the project can easily be scalable both in Beirut and beyond.

MARCH, the NGO I work at is already in talks with the Live Love Team to figure out what we can do in Tripoli’s Beb El Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen, and I urge everyone who is interested in helping to get in touch with Live Love Recycle and figure out what can be done, especially municipalities that are still unable to find solutions to their treatable waste.

As parties waste time and create more garbage with their campaigns

During elections time, when all political parties are busy polluting our eyesight and airwaves with their stupid, meaningless campaigns, it’s good to see NGOs (which some disgusting “new” political parties want to cut foreign funding from) step up and find sustainable solutions to this disastrous calamity we have been facing since 2015, and even decades before that.

There are always solutions, and waiting around for the government hasn’t helped, it just expanded their plans to steal taxpayer money to dump our untreated garbage into our already inaccessible sea.

No more excuses

You no longer have excuses to not recycle. Other initiatives might charge you to pick up your sorted recyclables, this one does not. Twice a month, two large bags is the current capacity, and that’s a great start. Download the app today, start sorting in your homes or offices or classes, and request a pick up every two weeks. All the recyclables will go to Arc En Ciel who will recycle them and use the money generated for their noble causes.

This is a win-win situation all round, and I’d like to wholeheartedly thank the UN’s WFP and the NGO ACTED for their support to make this initiative a reality.

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