Green People Mystery Solved: It’s a New ZwZ Item
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The past few days, after actors painted and dressed in all green popped up in ABC and Le Mall in Dbayeh, theories were spiralling about everything from a new eco-friendly initiative, to a new vegan restaurant and everything in between.

Last week, Zaatar w Zeit confirmed they were behind the teaser campaign, but it wasn’t till last night that we found out what it actually was: their new supernatural green wrap.

Their new wrap’s dough is infused with spinach, giving it the green tint you see, that’s all-natural without any food coloring. I was lucky enough to be one of the first outside the ZwZ team to try it out with my friend @LeNajib at ABC Dbayeh last night.

The wrap was delicious, and includes grilled chicken, bacon (beef or pork) bits, some fresh greens and an especially yummy sauce. This wrap is available for dine in and delivery starting today all across Lebanon, and will be available for just one month. So, when you order ZwZ again, try out the new wrap before it’s off the the menu again!

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