Could Topless Women Close Down the Beirut Landfills?
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It’s elections season, so our failed politicians worked at lightning speed to go on their social media accounts and portray themselves as heroes for closing down popular Beirut night club Discotek.

This happened after a vicious push-back by conservatives, who saw this as a battle for the soul of Beirut (but don’t bat an eye about the brothels involved in human trafficking and exploiting vulnerable women). The same people who have no problem with women being beaten to death by their abusive husbands which they refuse to put behind bars, had a meltdown because they saw a female breast live on stage (maybe for the first time?).

The same authorities who have fought to expand the Mediterranean’s worst landfill by the sea only a few hundred meters away, made the entire government work overtime to shut a club where people go to escape the traffic, garbage, bad Internet and no electricity they suffer through the rest of the week.

Discotek apologized on their page yesterday:

For those that were offended, double check what the show is before going down to take 3 hours of boomerangs of you sipping on watered down whisky. As for the Cirque Le Soir, we might not be as bad as Saudi or Dubai, but we’re definitely not as good as London. I personally don’t blame the performers for anything, this is what they do, and they did put on a great show that goes in line with that they are renowned for.

The sad part is how quickly the government acts against something so harmless, yet does nothing that might actually help Lebanon and the Lebanese. Facebook videos, tweets, the whole package, just in time to score points with angry, women-hating conservatives who oppose civil marriage and gender equality reforms, but go apeshit over a pair of boobs.

Maybe if we get a couple of performers to take their tops off in one of the landfills that surround Beirut, the governor and ministries and police will finally do something to save us from dying slowly every day thanks to ineptitude, corruption and a complete disregard of Lebanese taxpayers’ health, dignity and lives.

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