Scandal 7×13 – Air Force Two
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With Olivia Pope seemingly coming back from the dark side, Scandal needs to find a new villain for its final stretch of episodes. Enter Cyrus.

Granted, Cyrus hasn’t been a likable character for a very long time and I personally started suspecting him of possibly arranging the hacking of the plane when he began giving a rousing speech, but Air Force Two still shows some signs of improvement. With the vice president becoming the biggest threat now, the show can focus on the core characters again instead of wasting time on ridiculous kidnapping storylines and people like Rowan Pope.

Bottle episodes similar to Air Force Two struggle to maintain a sense of urgency. Luckily, if you’re willing to accept the ridiculousness of the plane-hacking plot, this hour becomes enjoyable as it is suspenseful since it puts David, one of the very few likable characters left, in danger. Shonda Rhimes has killed several characters off this show (and others) in the past, so I’ll admit I was slightly worried David and Abby would have a bittersweet ending. Whether or not they’ll both truly survive the series finale is still up in the air right now, and this uncertainty is certainly in the show’s favor.

Also in its favor is getting rid of Olivia’s evil mother. I wouldn’t say Mama Pope overstayed her welcome nearly as much as Rowan, but the Irina Derevko ripoff adds absolutely nothing to Scandal. That’s why Olivia getting her a one-way ticket to Paris is more than a satisfying development that also serves as a way for the writers to start tying up some loose ends. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Scandalous Bits

– How amusing are Abby, Huck and Charlie hacking David’s credit card charges to check if he’s going to propose?

– There are some really awkward vibes between Liv and her mom, but the fake-birthday shtick is too cringe-worthy, even for this show.

– Priceless moment as Mellie tells Jake “I will deal with you later” like a little baby. God, I can’t stand Jake and all his uselessness.

– Less amusing is Mama Pope talking in a baby voice. Again with the cringe!

– Hilarious how Liv mentions Annalise in one throwaway line as if the crossover barely happened last week.


Abby: Nothing says “sexy” like a man named Gergenschlag.

Abby: The only reason normal people go to Qui is if they’re getting engaged.
Charlie: Well, I hate to break it to you, but you guys aren’t technically normal people. You’re Washington A-listers.
Huck: At least David is.
Abby: Oh, thank you for that.

Abby: Brett Keith Jewelers? I don’t know what’s more offensive, the fact that David’s proposing to me or that he’s doing it with a ring he bought at the mall.

Fitz: You made the right call.
Mellie: I know.
Fitz: Now, do you want to know what I would’ve done?
Mellie: Nope, I really don’t.

An unusually intense and consistently entertaining hour of Scandal, a rarity for this show nowadays.

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