The HIGHLIGHTS of My Summer
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With the end of each Summer, you say goodbye to the never ending parties, to the long nights, to the continuous laughs under the hot Sun. We don't want the Summer days to end, but eventually, everything has to end, but we can keep the memories of those amazing nights forever. 

I don't consider myself a Summer person, I do prefer the colder weather more, but I can't deny the joy I feel when the Hot Summer days are approaching. Especially here, in Lebanon, we thrive when the calendar shows the beginning of June. I think it has to do with the fact that school is out, you have your Summer timing on and you just feel free to do enjoy life. 

This Summer was a pretty hard one on me, with big life decisions and self-realizations, with a lot of ups and downs, I survived and became stronger and happier, and that's how I want to remember it, with laughter and joy. 

For my sake, and for a lot of you, I want to write this post to remind you that even in the darkness there's light, no matter how hard life seems sometimes, you just have to remember the GOOD TIMES and focus on them instead of the negativity that wouldn't help you in any way. 

1. DOERS' CLUB Monday Nights 

One of the best memories by far this summer was The Doers Club, Monday night gatherings. I don't know how but they managed to turn the worst day of the week, to the best. I actually was looking forward every Sunday night, for the next day event, and with every week they just kept getting better and better. You may ask what was so special about those events, why Doers Club and not any other venue around Beirut, my answer would be pretty simple; they made it feel like home, a place you can call your haven, where everything else doesn't matter once you enter their premises. It was a celebration of the talented Lebanese youth, from musicians to the chefs to the bloggers, that joined forces to remind us that life is good and that we should Celebrate. It wasn't just about the drinks it was more than that, it was a whole lifestyle, young, fun and inspirational. I made so many new friends that I would have never met any other way and I am grateful for that. Thank you, Dewar's for creating a unique way to share your passion for achieving and thriving to be the best in everything and reminding us that together we are stronger.


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2. Collaboration with Ralph Khoriaty 

If you have been a long time follower of my blog, you can remember that I used to be a pretty consistent blogger, with a minimum of 3 blog posts per week, I even managed to do a full month of posts somewhere during the years that I was super active in. I don't know how I managed to stop, but I did and I wasn't happy about that since I do believe it is my baby and a huge part of my life. As much fun Instagram can be, it can never replace my love for photoshoots and themed posts. One of the main people who inspired me to get back to business was Ralph, a young and amazingly talented stylist who contacted me for a possible shoot, and we made it happen. The photos were gorgeous and the response I got from all of you guys was phenomenal. I am more motivated now to start posting again and sharing my vision with all of you soon. 



3. My Baby Sister's Graduation 

I still can't believe that my baby sister is done with her school studies and is in the university studying Physics, to become the best Robotic's Engineer (I hope I wrote it right) in the world. I can't simply explain how smart beyond her years she is, how motivated to achieve the unachievable and how optimistic she is to become better and better. No one makes me feel better than her, with the personal letters she writes me and the small gestures that make every single problem in my life disappear. She is my biggest supporter and believer and I love her for that. (Sophia, I love you, too <3) 





Here are the main things that made this Summer a Summer to remember, what made it for you? 

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post by Dewars.

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