BEIRUT Boiler Room x Ballantine’s This April!
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I’ve been struggling to keep my mouth shut for the past couple of months, and today, I can finally share with you that the Lebanon leg of the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music: Hybrid Sounds is coming on April 19, 2018 to Beirut!

Miss Kittin

Miss Kittin will be headling Beirut’s Boiler Room x Ballantine’s event, bringing her eclectic mix of Electroclash, Techno and leftfield electronica to our scene! It’s going to be a pleasure seeing Miss Kittin in Beirut again, and this time headlining a Boiler Room event!

Chaos in the CBD

The approach of Chaos in the CBD to House music, is one true to the genre’s early beginnings, with sampling being an integral part of many of the New Zealand duo’s productions. They’ll be making their Beirut debut!


I got a chance to interview Dollkraut back in January about his upcoming trip to Beirut, and here’s what he had to say (you can read the full interview here)

Have you been to Beirut before? If not, what have you heard about the music scene in the Lebanese capital?
No, not yet. Well, one of my DJ heroes Morphosis (Rabih Beaini) is from Lebanon! The entire area has a very rich musical history, and I listen to all kinds of stuff from the Middle East and North Africa. I’m thinking older stuff, 70s, 80s, Tunisian music, Moroccan stuff. I like the folky, arabesque music, the ones that leverage quarter tones in their music. In the Western world, they say “Ooh, that’s too much, that’s not correct”. But, what is correct? I mean, if it sounds good, it sounds good. That’s why we were very happy when they asked us if you want to go to Lebanon, because we use quarter tones in our music. I even have one track, which features “Sakhrawta” (Zalghoota in Lebanese).

Dollkraut will be collaborating with Zeid Hamdan and Maii Waleed (from Egypt), to create a special production that highlights the “Hybrid Sounds” of Boiler Room x Ballanetine’s True Music tour this year!


Our very own local hero 3LIAS will be on the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s roster as well, propping up the international guests with home-grown musical talent that many of us grew up listening and dancing to in Beirut’s most iconic clubs and parties.

Jad Taleb

Jad Taleb is another Lebanese favorite that will feature on the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s Beirut leg. His take on Techno has proven quite the winning combination, with live performances and DJ sets that have perked up ears and made feet move in Beirut’s biggest clubs as well in Beirut’s underground scene.

Zeid Hamdan and Maii Waleed

Zeid is the producer behind some of the most successful alternative Lebanese artists, and is a well-regarded singer/ songwriter in his own right. He’ll
be bringing on board the romantic, ethereal vocals of Maii Waleed, with whom he released an album last year. Their work spans myriad styles, ranging from Arabic folk, to indie, to electro.

Together they’ll create an exclusive new track that challenges the perception of modern day genres, to feature on the True Music EP. A blend of synthetic and organic sounds, the EP will be made up of similar collaborations from Moscow, the first stop on the True Music Hybrid Sounds tour in February,
Sao Paulo and Valencia, and will be released on digital and vinyl later in 2018!

Stay Tuned!

I’ll be keeping you posted as we get closer to the date, but I am personally ecstatic to attend a Boiler Room session right here in my beloved Beirut. I’ve been to a few before, in Berlin, Amsterdam, Brooklyn and Moscow, but I feel like Beirut will be my absolute favorite ❤

Read up on my trip to Boiler Room x Ballantine’s Moscow, and my post after the London Launch of this year’s True Music: Hybrid Sounds.

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