Giveaway Day 13 – Two $40 Vouchers from Crepaway
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Crepaway is in for giveaway #13 and their cool people are generously providing two $40 vouchers to be used at any of their branches.

I recently really loved the new items they added to their menu especially the ones with far eastern flavors (Kim Chick Fries anyone?), and for burger lovers they just launched the “Thrilling Raclette Burger” which will be available for a limited time. I tried it yesterday and the first thing I thought about when I was done was wishing to have it permanently on their menu! The burger is made with Angus beef, potato hash brown, a spread of steak sauce, lettuce, tomato, and the right amount of melted Raclette cheese that is added on top by the waiter just as you get served. Needless to say the combination works really good with the beef and cheese doing all the talking while still letting you feel the crispy hash brown and the special steak sauce they used. I highly recommend you try it before the promotion ends.

Anyway enough burger talk! To qualify for the draw, just go to +961’s page on Facebook and interact with the giveaway’s post. Two winners will be randomly chosen and announced tomorrow morning, and I will message them for instructions to claim the vouchers.

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