The blog needs your help!
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The blog has already attracted over 2 million visitors from Lebanon and from around the world (France, the US, Canada, the UAE, etc.) Its success is overwhelming and your support has been priceless. Today, it needs your help to keep going.

The blog doesn’t feature ads nor publish sponsored articles (paid by companies to promote their products), and doesn’t have a paid subscription. In other words, it doesn’t generate any income.

I want it to remain independent and free of charge for everyone to read if he or she chooses to.

Never to depend on money from advertisers and sponsors has helped the blog stay true to its mission: offer a different point of view on current affairs, with integrity, boldness and a zest of humour.

Along the way, it has become a full-time job. A full-time time job without income!

I believe the best way to keep it going is to put its fate into your hands and ask you, the blog’s readers, to pitch in, if you so wish. You are the reason it exists, you are the force that drives me to write it, it’s only natural you become an integral part of its future.

I was advised to start an online crowdfunding campaign, but I find it too impersonal. The least I can do is meet face to face with the readers willing to donate to keep the blog going, and have the opportunity to thank them in person.

So I decided to organize a Fundraising gathering, where we can meet for a drink and a chat.

If you consider the blog interesting or important enough to have a future, I invite you to join me on Wednesday, October 11, from 5pm to 9pm, at Bergerac in Ashrafieh (address here) – there will be a 25$ cover charge per person for the hosting restaurant (that includes wine, various hors d’oeuvre, etc.)

Your donations will be collected during the gathering, and the list of donors will be published on the blog soon after. However, you can remain anonymous if you so prefer – just let me know. For transparency’s sake, I kindly ask that your donations are made by check (in my name) and not in cash.

Readers who don’t live in Lebanon and want to join me can always ask a friend or a family member to represent them and donate on their behalf.

Looking forward to see you all on Wednesday!

Claude El Khal

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