Are we back to the Syrian occupation era?
claudeelkhal -

We agree or don’t agree with the protesters, is that a way to treat young men and women voicing their refusal of a third parliament’s term extension? What have they done to deserve to be beaten up so savagely? Throw a few eggs and tomatoes on some MP’s car?

I disagree with this kind of action, but the violent repression of an otherwise peaceful protest is not acceptable. The right to protest is embedded in the Lebanese Constitution, not the right to extend three times the parliament’s term. If someone did something unconstitutional, it’s definitely not the protesters, it's the political establishment that keeps bending our fragile democracy. They’ll keep bending it until it’ll eventually breaks.

What we’ve seen today next to the Parliament building is no different from what used to happen during the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. Is that how Lebanon is going to be ruled now? Is that how anyone that disagrees with the ruling parties is going to be treated? Is that the democracy we’ve been promised?

Today is a shameful day for Lebanon.

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